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Kid Pix Studio
What does it do? Kid Pix Studio is a powerful multimedia software tool for young children. It includes many amazing art tools, animated stamps and special effects, and slide show features that include sound, screen transitions, and video. It allows you to import images, edit stamps, edit text like in a word processor and even turn text into speech. 
How does this link to early literacy? Kid Pix Studio is an extremely open-ended motivating tool that encourages young children to explore all aspects of writing and creating. 
Online Resources

Responding to Literature with Kid Pix Studio
LiteratureLittle Red Riding Hood, illustrated by Trina Shart Hyman
Software Tool: Kid Pix Studio, from Broderbund
Additional Internet Resource: Little Red Riding Hood, Tales from the Forest
Grade Level: 1-3


  1. Shared or Guided Reading: While reading the book, draw student's attention to the various settings in the story.  Notice the sequence of where Little Red Riding Hood goes and ask students to find clues from both the author and illustrator that help the reader know which place Little Red Riding Hood is now in. 
  2. Center Activity or Guided Reading: Revisit the book and make a list of all the places that Little Red Riding Hood goes during the story.  Number the different places she goes from the beginning to the end of the story.  Think of a good illustration to match each one of the places that Little Red Riding Hood goes. 
  3. Center or Partner Activity at Computer:  Bring your list to the computer.  Use the drawing and stamping tools in Kid Pix Studio to create one picture that includes all of the different places that Little Red Riding Hood goes.  Use the rainbow marker to draw the path that she takes from the beginning to the end of the story. Use the text tools to label each setting as the author does in the real story.  Compare your illustrations with other students to see how they are similar and different. 
Product Example: 
Illustrate the setting of a story and trace the path of the main character
(example from Edmunson Elementary School in Colorado