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Kid Works Deluxe by Davidson & Associates
Image from Marilee's Kids Works Ideas
What does it do? 
Kid Words Deluxe combines a word processor and paint program into one ultra-fun, multimedia creativity kit. It's packed with inventive tools, animated stamps, wild sound effects,and a special feature that lets the computer read words and stories back to you. Kids can create multimedia books, stories, poems, and more with words, pictures, and sounds, 


How does this link to early literacy?  Students can respond to books, write/edit/revise their own books, and share their work in full color and animation with others.  Their work can be printed out in full color for shared reading, sent home for independent reading in a mini-book format, or compiled into a class collection to be added to your class library. The icons-words button allows children to explore with words they may not know how to spell and include them in their writing.  The ability to draw and write on the same screen fosters the transition from "driting" to more traditional writing. 
Online Resources

Responding to Literature with Kid Works Deluxe
Literature: A House is A House for Me, by Mary Ann Hoberman
Software Tool: Kid Works Deluxe, by Davidson Associates
Additional Internet Resource: Habitats from Hitcham's Primary School
Enrichment Literature: Asleep, Asleep by Mirra Ginsbury
Grade Level: K-1


  1. Shared or Guided Reading: While reading the text, notice the types of animals in the book and what type of house each animal lives in.  After reading the text, encourage children to think of other animals and try to describe the types of homes that they live in.  Discuss how animal homes differ than people's homes. 
  2. Center Activity or Guided Reading: In a small group of center activity, ask children to make a list of animals they know.  Write each animal's name or draw a picture of the animal on an index card and draw a picture of the type of house that animal lives in. Gather all of the children's cards up and sort the cards by the types of homes that animals live in.  Some patterns and groupings should arise (ie. habitats). 
  3. Center or Partner Activity at Computer: Bring the index cards you made to this center.  Use Kid Workds Deluxe template to design a three page book selecting your favorite animals from your index card choices.  Save and print your book. Read your book to a friend. 
Product Example: 
A House is a House for Me Example (index of ideas) 

Image from Marilee's Kids Works Ideas

A higher level response example based on Else Holmelund Minarik's poem Little Seeds could be used with students in grades 1-2. 

Image from Marilee's Kids Works Ideas