Internet Project Choice Contract for
The Mystery Unit
Your name: ______________________________      Completed by: ______________

Read It Choice: ________________________________________________________

Try-It Choice: _________________________________________________________

Connect-It Choice: _____________________________________________________

Please select one activity from each category below to complete as part of our Mystery Unit.
Write the name of each activity in the blanks above and write the date that they will be completed.
You may complete more if you finish, but remember to work carefully.  Enjoy your Internet travels!
Read to Find Out More Information  

Progress Check: Write a journal entry that tells at least three new facts you learned from the information at this web site. Rate the web site on how much it kept your interest.  

Try an activity from the list below that relates to our unit. 

Progress Check: Give a short oral description of the activity you completed and show the class an example of the finished product.  Give an opinion of this activity.

Connect what you've just learned with something new.  You may use any knowledge you have about Mysteries to complete the following activities.  

Progress Check: Explain in writing or in a short oral presentation how this activity helped you learn even more about our Mystery Unit.