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Online Literature-Based Resources
for Kindergarten Teachers

A Sampling of Web Sites to Explore During Today's Workshop
Area of Need
Website to Explore
Information for Young Children
Enchanted Learning: Age-appropriate information, visuals, Little Explorers Dictionary, Rebus Rhymes, Zoom Learning Units, Holiday Activities and Printables for Students
Ideas for Using 
Software Programs 
Early Childhood Technology Literacy Grant: project ideas, training resources, student samples, literacy lesson plans, assessment ideas
Safe Searching (Browsing) with Children
Yahooligans: use search feature or "browse" through topic-based menus designed and screened for children; websites with pictures, music or video are highlighted first; nice teaching integration ideas
Internet Project Responses to Literature
We Know Why Alexander Wanted to Move to Australia:  an exciting classroom project developed by a Kindergarten teacher in Norwich, CT that integrates Internet exploration, email correspondence, reading, writing and classroom discussion together in a motivating experience for her students
Interactive Online 
Reading Games 
Primary Games: wonderfully interactive examples of online "books" and activities that review readiness skills in the context of fun exploration; covers all content areas with a focus on literacy
Internet Activities
SCORE Cyberguides for Kindergartners 
       The Hungry Thing
       I Like Books
Webquests for Kindergartners
       Bugs, Bugs, Bugs
       Three Little Pigs
Children's Author - Related Background & Activities
Jan Brett: bookmarks, coloring pages, crafts, activities, quizzes, and much more!
Many Resources for You to Explore At Home 
Activity Pages Linking Storybooks with Early Literacy Concepts
Authors and Favorite Characters
Kindergarten Activity Ideas:
Kindergarten Project Examples:
Kindergarten Classroom Web Pages:
Literacy / Technology Websites For Kindergarten Teachers

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