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Integrating Technology Resources
Into Your Comprehensive Literacy Curriculum

Software Templates / Screen Shots for
Kindergarten Literacy Themes

A response activity is an example of something created by students.
A screen shot is a picture of what the software program looks like.
A template is something created by the teacher to be finished or added to by the student.
Rebus Rhymes (Kid Pix Studio response)

Rebus example

Riddles (JumpStart Preschool Screen Shot)
(the colors are off, but children hear a riddle and click on
the object that answers the riddle)

Riddles (PowerPoint Slide Template)

Rainforest (Let's Explore the Jungle Screen Shot)

Rainforest (Kid Pix Studio response)

Rainforest monkey slide

Alphabet Books (Matching Letters: 
Jumpstart Preschool Screen Shot)

Alphabet Books (Forming Letters: 
Ready to Read with Pooh Screen Shot) 

Alphabet Books (Kid Pix Studio response with initial letter stamps) 

What begins with B?

Shapes and Patterns (Kid Pix Studio template)

Finish the pattern

Shapes and Patterns (Pattern Block Roundup: 
Carnival Countdown Screen Shot)

Shapes and Patterns (Exploring Patterns: 
Carnival Countdown Screen Shot)

Shapes and Patterns (Shapes in our environment: 
Kid Pix Studio response)

Find all the circles

Animal Habitats: (Sorting Station: 
Sammy's Science House Screen Shot)

Sorting Station

Animal Habitats: (Backyard Activity: 
Sammy's Science House Screen Shot)

Animal Habitats: (Sorting in Inspiration template) 

Sort into Habitats

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