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Online Literature-Based Resources
for First & Second Grade Teachers

A Sampling of Web Sites to Explore During Today's Workshop
Area of Need
Website to Explore
Information for Young Children
Enchanted Learning: Age-appropriate information, visuals, Little Explorers Dictionary, Rebus Rhymes, Zoom Learning Units, Holiday Activities and Printables for Students
Ideas for Using 
Software Programs 
Early Childhood Technology Literacy Grant: project ideas, training resources, student samples, literacy lesson plans, assessment ideas
Safe Searching (Browsing) with Children
Yahooligans: use search feature or "browse" through topic-based menus designed and screened for children; websites with pictures, music or video are highlighted first; nice teaching integration ideas
Also try Ask Jeeves (just type in a question) or KidsClick (get a suggested reading level for each website). 
Internet Project Responses to Literature
First Grade: 
We Know Why Alexander Wanted to Move to Australia:  an exciting classroom project developed by a Kindergarten teacher in Norwich, CT that integrates Internet exploration, email correspondence, reading, writing and classroom discussion together in a motivating experience for her students
Second Grade: 
Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad: timeline, character profiles, character sketches, online crossword puzzles and quizzes, and chapter summaries, all created by second graders
Interactive Online 
Reading Games 
Primary Games: wonderfully interactive examples of online "books" and activities that review readiness skills in the context of fun exploration; covers all content areas with a focus on literacy
Between The Lions Adventures and Activities from PBS
Internet Activities
SCORE Cyberguides for First Grade 
       Katy and the Big Snow
SCORE Cyberguides for Second Grade
       Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Webquests for First Graders
       Quest for Respect: The Grouchy Ladybug
       Exploring Leaves and Trees
       Arthur, Audrey Wood, and Me Poems
Webquests for Second Graders
       Mailquest: Search for Mixed-Up Letters
       In Search of Stellaluna's Family
Children's Author - Related Background & Activities
Eric Carle: interviews for author study, lesson ideas, activity pages, and book lists
Many Resources for You to Explore At Home 

Activity Pages Linking Storybooks with Early / Developing Literacy Concepts

Authors and Favorite Characters

Project Examples:

Classroom Web Pages:

Specific Examples of Extending Texts with Technology Tools and Resources

Literacy / Technology Websites For First and Second Grade Teachers