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Online Literature-Based Resources
for Fourth and Fifth Grade Teachers

A Sampling of How Fourth and Fifth Graders
Can Make A Difference With Technology

Exploring During Workshop
Literature Extension Activities
Classroom Web Pages
Interactive Online Activities
Resources for Teachers

Literacy Opportunity
Resource to Explore
Documenting Work, Constructing New Knowledge, and
Communicating Ideas with Technology Tools
Kid Pix Studio:
Map Regions of Virginia, created by 4th graders
Responding to Art, by 4th graders
Civil War Timeline, by 5th graders
Art Extension with King Tut, and Egyptian people colored by 3rd graders
Water cycle learning template and student drawing
Martin Luther King Slide Show, created by 3rd Graders
Illustrate the setting of a story, draw by 2nd grader
Favorite parts of a story, created by 1st graders
Label maps from non-fiction texts, created by 3rd grader
Art Extension for Tiger Slippers, by 3rd graders

Inspiration and Kidspiration
Animals in Our Backyard, created by 2nd Graders
Living and Non-Living Things
Student Work Samples: (by 5th graders) solve a murder mystery,
       the earth's interior, summary outline of course's units
(See templates on the software program)

Black History Projects, by 6th graders
Country Projects, by 6th graders
Simple Machines, interactive quiz (and others) designed by teachers
Animal Habitats, created by 3rd Graders

Artist Slide Shows, created by 4th graders after reading From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
Dutchess County, NY: created by fourth graders after doing an "I Love NY" webquest 
Arctic Animal Slide Shows, by 4th graders
Biography Slide Show, by 4th grader
Teacher designed presentations for instruction
Back to School Night Slide Show, by 4th grade teacher

Netscape Composer (Web Page Design):
Birds of Prey Project, designed by fifth graders
Pocantico Elementary School Curriculum Projects (Civil War, Tibet, Women, Presidents by fourth & fifth graders)
West Elementary Internet Projects (Rock Hounds)

Word Processor: (ClarisWorks) 
Colonial Mini-Book Template
Class Alphabet Book on the state of Virginia
Portrait Pairs, match drawing and description of students
Egypt Slide Show
Archeology Is..., poetry responses by 5th graders

Access to Age-Appropriate 
and Current 
  • Enchanted Learning: Age-appropriate information, visuals, Little Explorers Dictionary, Rebus Rhymes, Zoom Learning Units, Holiday Activities and Printables for Students
  • Information Please Kids Almanac: Learning Network's Fact Monster includes an almanac, atlas, dictionary and encylopedia
  • LycosZone: Easy to use reference materials for children including a kids almanac, encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, animal locater, and kid's online library plus lots of categories of regular school topics
Internet Project Responses to Text (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
Internet Activities
SCORE Cyberguides for Fourth and Fifth Graders Webquests for Fourth and Fifth Graders
Anticipation Guides
Anticipation Guides (read my Suite101 article
Children's Author - Related Background & Activities
Lois Lowry  Eve Bunting Katherine Paterson
Ideas for Projects
That Integrate Technology
Efficient Search Engines 
for Teachers
Safe Searching or Browsing with Children
Online Tools 
for Creating 
Literacy Activities  
(see also my list 
of online tools)
Literacy Extension Activities
Classroom Web Pages
Online Interactive Activity Pages for Upper Elementary Students
Teacher Literacy and Technology Resources

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