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A Sampling of How Middle School Students
Can Make A Difference With Technology

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Literacy Opportunities
Resources to Explore
Documenting Work, Constructing New Knowledge, and
Communicating Ideas with Technology Tools
Kid Pix Studio: Inspiration and Kidspiration HyperStudio: PowerPoint:  Netscape Composer (Web Page Design): Word Processor: (ClarisWorks) 
Access to Age-Appropriate 
and Current 
Internet Project Responses to Text (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
Middle School Examples  Elementary School Examples
Internet Activities
SCORE Cyberguides for Middle School Students Webquests for Middle School Student (Matrix)
Anticipation Guides
Anticipation Guides (read my Suite101 article
Children's Author - Related Background & Activities
Lois Lowry  Jean Craighead George Katherine Paterson
Ideas for Projects
That Integrate Technology
Efficient Search Engines 
for Teachers
Safe Searching or Browsing with Middle School Students
Searching Lessons for Students 
Literacy Extension Activities
Classroom Web Pages
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