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Including Technology in Your Students' Responses to Literature
Enhancing and Extending Literature Lessons 
with Technology

Presented by Julie Coiro, 
Literacy & Technology Consultant
Naugatuck Schools Professional Development Workshop

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How can current literature-based units be enhanced with technology?

Responding to Texts:
This idea web speaks to the issues of

Teachers Grades K-3
Teachers Grades 4-8 

Teachers of Students in Fourth through Eighth Grade

ASSIGNMENT 1: (Two Parts) 

1. Explore at least two of the links listed below "Classroom Activities".  Jot down your impressions of each set of extension activities.  What kinds of resources would you need to make this work successfully in your classroom?  In your opinion, are these activities valuable extensions of literacy instruction?   How would you change the activity to meet the needs of your students?  Be prepared to share your findings when we meet back as the group.

2. Explore some of the links from the topic Extending Literacy Opportunities.  Identify one website that you feel would successfully enhance a literacy unit or topic you currently study with your students.   How can you tie in the information / images found at this site with your present curriculum? 


ASSIGNMENT 2: (Two parts) 

1. Explore at least two of the links listed below "Online Tools".  In your opinion, could any of these online aids make it easier for you to use the Internet as a learning tool in your classroom? Could you see yourself using any of these to develop literacy activities for your students?  If so, which one and why?  If not, why not? 

    Online Tools
    • Filamentality: a tool that helps you develop one of six levels of learning activities including Hotlists, Scrapbooks, Treasure Hunts, Samplers, or Webquests
    • Trackstar: a unique tool for developing online learning tracks for your use or for student use; access the Index for Reading Tracks for Grades 5-8
    • Quia: a database and a quiz tool for developing many different types of interactive quizzes, games and activities that can be posted online or printed out for classroom use
    • QuizLab: an online quiz tool to help you in creating interactive quizzes and keeping track of student performance
2. Explore a few of the templates below.  Do these templates inspire you to create something similar with your own students?  If so, what resources would you need to get started with this project like this? 

Software Templates

Classroom Management Issues

Other Resources for Exploration

Internet Resources for Literacy Instruction Locating Information Online

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