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Qualitative Reading Inventory (QRI 2)

The Qualitative Reading Inventory-II, developed by Lauren Leslie and JoAnne Caldwell, is an "individually administered, informal reading inventory designed to provide diagnostic information about the conditions under which students can identify words and comprehend text successfully and the conditions that appear to result in unsuccesful word identification, decoding and/or comprehension. The QRI-II was designed to provide a variety of different opportunities to observe a student's reading behavior. The QRI provides a number of assessment options that can be adminstered by the classroom teacher as well as reading and assessment specialists. (Leslie, L. and Caldwell, J. (1995). Qualitative Reading Inventory-II.  New York, NY: Addison Wesley)

The following links provide you with an overview of each of the components of the QRI-II.  These components will be discussed in depth during Session 1 and you will have opportunities to practice each of the procedures described.  Session 2 will provide practice with miscue analysis as well as resources for integrating all of your findings into a final student report.

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Assessment of Prior Knowledge
The Reading Passages
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