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Empowering Struggling Readers in
Grades 4-6 with Technology

Fostering Literacy Connections Online

Presented by Julie Coiro
SERC, March 21, 2002

Fostering Literacy Connections Online 

There are many interactive websites designed for students to promote a feeling that they are contributing members of the reading and writing community.  News websites help students to keep up with current events on an almost daily basis and everyone is encouraged to take a stand and express their own perspective, thus contributing to the new diverse knowledge base available because of the Internet.  During this portion of our session, you will have an opportunity to explore some of these interactive websites.  As you visit a few, consider the interests and abilities of your students and make note of features that empower both struggling readers and strong readers. 

Keeping Current and Taking a Stand: 

Giving Readers and Writers A Voice

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Computer Supported Reading Environments
Inspiration as a Software Literacy Tool
Anticipation Guides 
Discussions with One
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