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Integrating Technology Resources
Into Your Comprehensive Literacy Curriculum

Software Templates / Screen Shots for
Grade 1 Literacy Themes

A response activity is an example of something created by students.
A screen shot is a picture of what the software program looks like.
A template is something created by the teacher to be finished or added to by the student.
Rhyming Words: Ready to Read with Pooh Screen Shot
Rhyming Poems Activity

Rhyming Words:  Bailey's Book House Screen Shot
Mother Goose Rhymes Activity

Rhyming Words:  Inspiration response

Author Unit - Mercer Mayer:  Living Books Screen Shot
Little Monster at School

Wind: Sammy's Science House Screen Shot
Weather Station Activity


Animal Tracks: Thinkin' Science Screen Shot
Who Made This Track Activity


Animal Tracks: Internet Based Quiz Screen Shot


Houses Around the World: Millie's Math House Screen Shot
Building a Mouse House Activity


Houses Around the World: World Tour Screen Shot

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