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Integrating Technology Resources
Into Your Comprehensive Literacy Curriculum

Software Templates / Screen Shots for
Grade 2 Literacy Themes

A response activity is an example of something created by students.
A screen shot is a picture of what the software program looks like.
A template is something created by the teacher to be finished or added to by the student.

Poetry Unit: New Kid on the Block Screen Shot


Poetry Unit:  Shape Poem
Kid Pix Studio Response 


Little Dog curls up tighter and tighter until Little Dog is 
exactly the same size as the sunny spot. 
(by Kristine O'Connell George)

Reading Non-Fiction: Amazing Animals Screen Shot

Reading Non-Fiction: Penguin Report in Slide Show
PowerPoint Response

Bats: Report in Slide Show
Kid Pix Studio Response


Character Study: Character Web of Amazing Grace
Inspiration Response

Harriet Tubman: Grolier Encyclopedia Screen Shot
Underground Railroad Information

Most Important Autobiographies: 
Imagination Express Response Activity

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