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HyperStudio is a multimedia authoring tool that allows the designer to create his or her own multimedia reports, project and presentations in a linear or non-linear format.  Any multimedia element can be easily added with user-friendly menus, so projects can integrate text, graphics, animations, sounds, video and Internet links.  Drawing and painting tools encourage students to create their own art and easy programming options enable students to create the underlying structure of the file or "stack" that links "cards" together through "buttons" that the user clicks on to navigate throught the stack.   This program lends itself best to being used with students in second grade or higher.

Literacy Lesson Ideas and Templates for HyperStudio

** In order to view HyperStudio cards or stacks on the Internet, you must have the HyperStudio player plug-in installed on your computer.  Download the plug-in first here

Internet Resources for Projects Design
Examples of HyperStudio Projects shared on the Internet 
Other Content Area Ideas for HyperStudio 
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