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Exploring On-Line Tools and Activity Databases 
that Enhance Reading Comprehension

In this next portion of our workshop, we'll explore several online tools that teachers are using to construct original classroom literacy activities that enhance reading comprehension.   While exploring activities that have already been created and stored in each tool's online database, take time to consider the following:

  1. What authentic literacy task(s) can students complete by using the materials developed with this electronic tool ? 
  2. What do you like about this online tool?
  3. What questions or concerns do you have?
  4. What are some advantages to using this electronic tool compared to more traditional methods of designing reading  instruction for students? 
  5. Does this electronic tool provide you with more efficient methods of assessment
  6. Does this electronic tool enable you to construct activities more efficiently?
  7. Are the activities provided in the database that accompanies this tool useful/relevant to you? 
  8. Does this electronic tool motivate you to integrate  Internet resources into your current instruction? 
  9. Is this tool friendly enough for your students to use to construct their own responses to literature or understanding of a new topic? 
  10. How might you use the resources here to link back to classroom instruction?

On-Line Tools for Teachers

Rubric Generators

If you need help using search engines to locate resources for your project,
link to Using Search Engines.

Organize and annotate Web sites into lessons called tracks 
that can be viewed in specially designed frames. 
Use the Trackstar Tool
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Create a web-based learning page with five templates designed to help you assemble resources or enhance new learning and be able to post it and edit it at any time. 
Use one of the Filamentality Tools 
(Start a new topic
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A "quintessential instructional archive" (Quia) with templates for creating 14 different types of online activities and quizzes. Create them yourself or have 
students create them as one of their learning activities. 
Use one of the tools from QuiaWeb
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QuizLab Basic is Free. This tool makes it quick and easy to create online quizzes. 
It's loaded with features to help you track student progress, manage your 
classroom and communicate with students and parents.
Use the Quizlab Basic Tool (Access main menu)
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Webquest Maker
Webquest Templates to download 

Webquest Generator from Teachnology

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Rubric Generators
Three different approaches to creating rubrics online.

Rubric Generator from Teachnology (quick templates to fill in and print out)

Rubistar from (select category/skill and continuum of descriptors are created)

ClassWebRubric Builder by educator David Warlick

Classroom Examples