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Exploring On-Line Tools and Activity Databases 
that Enhance Reading Comprehension

This portion of this online resource was created for your use in between our two training sessions to guide your exploration of other online tools and educational databases that you can use to enhance reading comprehension.  Although most of these tools are not as comprehensive as the ones we covered in our training session, you'll find lots of quick and easy resources, templates and electronic tools  that will make your teaching more effective and enjoyable.  You'll also notice a few tools designed specifically for students as well as some inspiring articles that may change the way you think about Internet use in your classroom.

Other Online Tool Ideas to Enhance Your Curriculum
Educational Tools for Teachers Educational Databases for Language Arts Online Worksheet/Hotlist Creators
Student Online Tools for Classroom Use
  • NoteStar: take notes from online sources and automatically capture source infomormation for later citations; teachers can monitor student progress and give feedback
  • Project Poster: kids can build a web page for a project and place it online immediately
  • NoodleBib: use this easy online form  to quickly create an APA style bibliography 
  • NoodleQuest: use the online research topic wizard to aid your search for resources

Relevant Articles from Reading Online that support the use of online tools to enhance instruction