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Listed below are many interactive tools for teachers. Some need to be downloaded first, but many can be used right online to help with anything from creating quizzes and worksheets to designing Internet webquests or entire online courses. Please click on a category from the chart below to find corresponding links or scroll down the page to view all of the links.
Grading Programs
PuzzleMakers and Testmakers
Homepage Builders
Internet Activity Builders
Educational Applets
Interactive Teaching Tools
Tools "of the Day"
Shareware Hotlists
Graphic Converters
File Decompression Software
Sound Clips
Plug-Ins to Download

Grading Programs
1. Class Mate Grading Tools for Windows

2. ClassAction Gradebook Elementary for MAC,332,0-73162-s,1000.html?st.dl.subcat16.list.tdtl

3. ClassAction Gradebook Secondary for MAC,332,0-73161-s,1000.html?st.dl.subcat16.list.tdtl

Puzzles and Testmakers

1. Create six different types of puzzles and print out.

2. Easily build many types of Interactive quizzes or access the huge, ever-growing database of quizzes that other teachers have created for use in their classroom.

3. Ed Tech Tools: Another great tool for designing quizzes

4. Hot Potatoes: authoring programs that enable you to make Web-based interactive teaching materials.


Access thousands of quizzes designed by teachers world-wide. Create your own quizzes with Quiz Lab's easy-to-use authoring tool. Allow students to take quizzes over the Internet in the classroom, in the library, or at home. Get quiz results automatically via e-mail. Quiz Lab grades them for you
6. Crossword Construction Kit Download Page

Downloadable Puzzle Archive

7. Mathematics Worksheet Factory

8. Mazes, Puzzles and Educational Freeware

9. QuizMaker 2.0 (1 Day Demo version)

Homepage Builders

1. ProTeacher's MyPage

2. Lycos Homepage Builder:

3. Homepage Maker

4. Family Education Class WebCreate

5. HighWired (For highschool communities)

6. Big Chalk Education Network

7. Create page that give families easy access to grades, assignments, schedules and class activities in a secure environment thatís available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

8. College Club: For professors to create entire classes online

9. WebCT: Create online courses with easy to use discussion forums

10. School Notes: Create Notes for homework and class information and post them on the web in seconds using this free community service.

Internet Activity Builders

1. Scavenger Hunt Templates: Twenty Questions and Twenty Sites

2. Bernie Dodge's WebQuest Templates

The WebQuest Homepage

3. Classroom Utilities Design integrated lesson plans

4. Filmentality: Design your own internet activities with this template

4.Word Search Applet

5. Word Slide

6. Primary Color Palette

7. Mysterious Number Tricks

8. SR-TEC's (e South Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium) Teacher Utility Tools: Includes an index that links to the following five tools...this index provides annotated links to examples of each tool; the list below links you directly to the tool's homepage.

QuizStar: Create a customized quiz that students can take online

Trackstar: Create an online index of resources related to a certain topic and annotate each link with a specific set of directions for your students to complete using each resource.

Project Based Learning Checklists: Use this online checklist to select the skills you want your students to be responsible for as they are completing a project based unit. Select grade level, type of project and individual skills to be covered. Encourages your students to take responsibility for their own learning through peer- and self-evaluation.

Web Worksheet Wizard: Create your own worksheet or access one already created by another teacher.

Profiler: Online Collaboration Tool that assists you and your school in assessing the expertise of students and faculty and putting you in touch with people within your own school that can help you strenthen your technology skills.

Educational Applets

Lower Grades
1. Word Search Applet

2. Word Slide

3. Primary Color Palette

4. Mysterious Number Tricks

5. Interactive Poetry Tiles

6. Photo Scrambler

7. Regrouping with Manipulatives

8. Kids As Authors: just type and publish

Upper Grades
1. Ramp and Roll Physics Demo

2. Geometry: Cheng-Pleijel Point of a Quadrangle

3. NanoCad: Lets you view small molecules from different angles, spin them around, and add or delete atoms and bonds.

4. Kepler's Three Laws of Planetary Motion

Online Interactive Teaching Tools

Sanford Online Art Adventures

Includes Leonardos' Workshop, Color Theory and Portraits from the Past

Interactive Color Safe Palette

Alta Vista Translations: Five Languages

The English Zone (for students who are learning English as a Second Language, or studying English)

LinguaWeb Online Language Activities

Language & grammer tutorials and quizzes online and offline (includes Hot Potatoes) Many Languages ** Online Activities Created with Quia and Hot Potatoes
Language Arts (Reading and Writing)
Do Kids Crosswords Online:

Learning Resources Web-Delivered Instruction (San Francisco CNN Literacy )

Yahooligans Online Word Games Then search for Online Word Games (within Computer, Games, and Online category)

AdLib The Online Mad Lib Creator

AIMS Puzzle Corner

Math Help: Interactive Problem Sheets

SpeedMath Increase basic math skills in children ages 6 and up.

Chemical Elements Interactive Periodic Table

WebElements Interactive Periodic Table (with Quicktime movies)

Physics and Astronomy Applets and Interactive Quizzes

Social Studies
Scholastic News Online

Junior Scholastic Online

ANYDAY Historic Events and Birthdays

Free Board Games to Make

Integrated Curriculum
Discovery Kids Online Adventures Leads students on a self-directed tour of individualized interests and abilities

Tools "of the Day"

1. Cool Fact of the Day

2. Cool Word of the Day

3. Today in History

4. The Math Forum Problems of the Week

5. Merriam-Webster's 2 Minute Word Game of the Day

Hotlists of Shareware for Teachers

1. Teachers Shareware Library (WINDOWS)

2. Softseek Teaching Software (WINDOWS)


3. Simply the Best Educational Shareware

4. Educational Shareware for the MAC

5. Educational Shareware HotList

Graphic Converters

1. Graphic Converter

Easy interface for converting one graphic type to another with the click of two menu items

Sound Clips to Download

1. The The coolest place for easily downloading well organized categories of great sound clips. Just play them, then copy and paste into your own documents.

2. The Sound Vault:  A few selected sounds from instruments and special sound effects

File Decompression Software (unzipping files)
1. EZ Guide Downloading Directions by ZDNet

2. WinZip7.0 for Windows 95 and 98

3. Stuffit Expander for MAC


1. Shockwave

2. Quicktime

3. RealPlayer

4. Discovery Software Tools Index: Includes links to download Shockwave, RealPlayer, Quicktime, Flash, Bubble Vision, ichat, Internet Explorer 5.0 and Netscape Navigator 4.7 all from one place.

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