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Webquests and More Webquests

compiled by Julie Coiro
Listed below is a compilation of Internet websites I've found that index webquests used in schools. Some links contain just a few webquests and others contain huge numbers of them categorized by grade level, content area or topic. Spend a while here exploring some of the many ways that teachers like you have begun to share their lessons and projects online so that others do not need to reinvent the wheel. Read a few webquests carefully to examine how well they would fit into the standards you are expected to cover and try adapting a few to better suit the needs and resources of your students in your classroom. Have fun!

Bernie Dodge's The Webquest Page, San Diego University...the creator of this wonderful idea.

Webquest Matrix: indexed by grade level and content area

Templates to create your own webquest

Why Webquests? introduction by Tom March

Science Webquests K-12...a wonderful index of almost 90 webquests indexed and annotated by a classroom teacher and categorized into 12 different science themes

Eaton School, Wilmington North Carolina Webquest Index

Guilford, North Carolina Index: created by students and teachers; sorted by grade, subject and around the world

Literature Webquests: many popular tradebooks covered in reading classes

Scholastic Online Activities...sorted by content area

Hands-on Science Learning Activity Webquests...related to elementary units of study from Iowa

Louisian State University Webquests...developed by teachers

Math Webquests...NCTM Annual Meeting, California 1999

Webquests in Middle School...links plus classroom management ideas from teacher Jim Andris

Navy Elementary School, Fairfax, Virginia...short list of great webquests

Webquest Webring Index ...websites organized in easy-to-travel "webrings"

WebTrek...curriculum integrated activities designed by a teacher from Somers Elementary School in northeastern Connecticut; includes some unique training materials and webquests for teachers (look at the end of the list) online database tool to help teachers gather resources related to a certain topic and then organize them into a teachable format for students